logga.jpgWelcome to Farfarsgården (Grandfathers farm)

Organic apple grower and farmer


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Garden café is now closed for the season. Grand Final at 19/9!

skylt.jpgWe served apple wok, apple pie, tart and some more cakes…

Thank our customers for a great season! Welcome back!


We are also on Facebook: Farfarsgården


We have Nordic country breeds!

On our farm we have now some Nordic breeds that are under threat of extermination in Sweden. Currently we have a pair of sheep from Roslagen. We have also small African goats and rabbits.



There are approx 400 apple trees of various varieties on our plot.


Our idea

…and hope is to live in harmony with nature and cultivate our resources using modern methods.

We are a couple that has grown up in the country near our grandparents. Our knowledge has been passed down by several generations of small-scale farmers. We have started with a completely empty plot and will build a modern small farm. We will try to make this as sustainable as possible in a modern way, where both people and animals can be happy.
We will not go back 100 years in time, but will instead use both modern and old-fashioned knowledge and inventions to live the pleasant life.